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Llangollen Canal Boat Trust

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Llangollen Canal Boat Trust
The Old Armoury
Berwyn Street
Denbighshire/Sir Ddinbych
LL20 8ET
Phone: 01978 861450
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The Llangollen Trust operates from Trevor Basin approximately four miles from Llangollen.

They do not have a fixed fee but request a donation to the trust to help ensure they are able to continue. There is also no width restriction for wheelchairs and most can be accommodated.

Skippers are provided for all boats and parties of 12 people can be accommodated. It is recommended that these are evenly proportioned between able bodied members and those with disabilities (with up to four non transferring wheelchair users). Booking as far in advance as possible is important as the boat is very popular. 

The boat contains a basically equipped galley and you are welcome to bring along picnic meals to prepare and enjoy on the journey. Alternativelyif you are making a longer trip you can request a stop for a pub lunch at one of the canalside taverns aong the route.

Outdoor Leisure Facilities

Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information
Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information

On - site facilities

  • Assistance dogs welcome


  • Designated Disabled car parking
  • Hard surfaced car park
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access to entrance (level)
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access into venue (platform lift on to barge)
  • Concessionary fee for person with disability (see main description for details of the group donation recommended)
  • Prebooking necessary for wheelchair users (pre-booking is required for all trips)


  • Wheelchair accessible toilet/toilets (no space for lateral transfer)
  • Wheelchair turning space in accessible toilet (limited but possible for smaller wheelchairs)
  • Room for carer/carers in accessible toilet
  • Easy access to hand dryer/towels
  • Easy access to wash basin
  • Grab rails in toilet



We found that the best access for disabled parking was by following the clear signage to car park 3 at Trevor Wharf. Here there were designated spaces and a good designated accessible toilet.

On arrival at the canal boat we were greeted by the Skipper and Mate who were very friendly, informative and helpful.There was a small incline on the ramp up to the lift which was suitable for a wheelchair user and their carer/companion.

The boat can accommodate 12 people or 4 wheelchair users and 8 people. One of our group is Adam who has a larger wheelchair with extended footrests and when he was inside the boat, it reduced access in the aisle but we were still able to get past.

There is a sliding door into the toilet and the space inside was limited with no room to side transfer however it was possible for most of our group to manage. The kitchen was well equipped with an oven and a fridge but not a microwave and you do need to take your own provisions.

The boat has large windows for good viewing and there is also an outside space at the front of the barge that is large enough for wheelchair use.

There were many different options of routes for the barge to take. It makes a lovely day out with lots of tunnels and the aqueducts to cross which made the trip very enjoyable and interesting.

The Skipper and his Mate could not have been more helpful or friendly and were happy to chat and provide background information about their Trust.

The boat leaves at 10am onwards and you can arrange times to suit your own requirements. The trip can last as long as you require but the latest return time is 6pm.
by Tracy Richards on behalf of members of Avalon Day Opportunities on 10 May 2013

Canals, Cream Cakes, And All That!!!

We arrived at the Llangollen canal (Trevor Basin) quite early, which was a surprise to me because normally my carer Gary is always late, ha ha!!! This gave us chance to take in the sounds and smells of the canal and absorb the idyllic atmosphere. I myself am blind, so depend on my carer to describe to me what he sees, sometimes I think he's as blind as me. My carer described there was a mass of canal boats and barges in front of me on the water, all moored in lines, he said there was that many it was a wonder how they managed to fit them all in and that they all were beautifully painted, each had a different name, normally girls names or something pretty like, Sunrise, Mayflower and Little Jenny Wren.

I remember there being a slight musty damp smell, which wasn't unpleasant, and the slight smell of old diesel engines. Most of all on our arrival I remember the warm sunshine on my skin, I was glad I wore my shorts, although I did offend some of the people that went with us with my milky white legs, but what you cannot see won't hurt you.

We had to wait a while for the specially adapted boat to return from another trip, I was told that the boat had been adapted for wheelchair users, it had a lift to lower you in to the boat, I was slightly apprehensive about the lift. When the boat turned up down the other end of the canal we realised we were on the wrong side of the water, so we had to rush over to the other side, I suddenly became a human donkey, I was loaded up with bags and a big cooler which carried all the sandwiches and cream cakes, well as soon as someone mentioned that we were going to have cream cakes on our out journey I was quite happy to carry the rather heavy cooler, I don't think my carer was to happy though having to push me up a very large hill and then stop me wheeling away down the other side.

We arrived at the boat, only to learn that the boat wasn't going out on any more trips today, suddenly the pub became the only option that day, some swift deal making was made with the captain and we started boarding the boat, I couldn't see what the lift was like but I remember it was noisy, I had nothing to worry about it was smooth and not difficult to get on to. The boat was very stable and I could only feel a small amount of rocking, the engines started and we moved forward and back, forwards and back, this was described to me because the movement was so smooth I didn't realise we were moving, until we hit the side for the first time while turning to join the aqueduct, I thought we had hit a rock. Abandon ship! Women and children first! Where's my life jacket ! But we were fine the boat used the sides of the canal as a steering aid, we moved slowly along the aqueduct.

My carer was taking photo's he described the 150ft drop on one side of the aqueduct, there was railings on the other, he told me how beautiful the scenery was. I was more interested in the faint mention of cream scones from the galley. Soon we were well on our way, occasionally my carer would tell me what he was looking at, sometimes fish, ducks, herons or nice houses on the side of the canal.

Finally the fruits of my earlier labour came to bear, cream cakes, with fresh cream and jam&.of course I didn't turn up to the Trevor Basin just for the cream cakes, but I managed seven! When asked if I wanted another I would simply say I couldn't possibly refuse, well I hate to be rude. We continued on our journey up the canal for around an hour until we got to Chirk Marina, where we turned round, at this point I was very relaxed and everything was quiet, including my rather large stomach.

The journey back seemed to be over quite quickly, time flies when you're having fun. Soon we were on the lift and back on the bank. A good relaxing day was had by all, until my carer had to push me back up the big hill. Most of all I enjoyed the slow pace and the peace and quiet and I would suggest it to anyone that hasn't spent a day on the Llangollen canal. by Nigel on 07 September 2009