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Due to fraudulent misuse of the facility unfortunately we no longer have a donate button on our website, however if you wish to assist the charity there are still many other ways you can do so.

- Send a Cheque.

Donation cheques made payable to ' Disabled Holiday Information' can be sent to the address on our 'Contact Us' page.

- Send New/Used Stamps, Postcards and Coins.

We are always happy to receive new postage stamps this really helps with the mailing costs of our fact sheets and brochures. We also collect old postage stamps, postcards and coins which we can then recycle to generate funds.

All our information is provided free of charge to ensure that it is available to everyone. If you have used our services and feel that the information you received was appropriate and useful, and are in a position to help in anyway we would be extremely grateful. We do not receive any core funding for our work and really rely on donations, grants and our fundraising to provide this service. In the current economic climate Charitable Trusts that have been able to help out with grants in the past are no longer in a position to assist and we are finding our income dramatically reduced.

Thank you for your help, and be assured we are extremely thrifty with our funds. We keep running costs to a minimum as all of our research is carried out by volunteers and all donations are used wisely.